There has been a steady growth in the number small consulting companies in recent years driven by the ever-increasing demand for information technology services. Many of these companies are staffed by relatively inexperienced developers, who all too often, fail to deliver what they promise.

Offshore outsourcing of development work has also become popular. While offshore outsourcing is a powerful tool to cut costs, improve performance, and refocus on core business, offshore outsourcing initiatives often fall short of management's expectations.

Indeed, offshoring isn't always all it's made out to be. Offshore outsourcing failures are rarely reported because firms are reluctant to publicize them.

We have over 20 years of experience, are certified to develop applications using the Microsoft Stack, and have a track record of customer satisfaction from the most demanding large corporate customer to the small business client. We take the utmost pride in our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

We have proudly earned the following certifications from Microsoft:

Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) stand apart from other IT personnel. They've demonstrated undeniable expertise with Microsoft products and platforms to colleagues, employers, and—most importantly—to themselves.

Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCADs) use Microsoft technologies to develop and maintain department-level applications, components, Web or desktop clients, or back-end data services.
Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSDs) design and develop leading-edge business solutions with Microsoft development tools, technologies, platforms, and Windows architecture.

We have practical development knowledge in the following industries:
  • Telephony
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Office Equipment
  • Computers
  • Technology/Information Services

We have Functional Expertise in these areas:

Business & Management

    • Back-office Management, Billing/Ordering Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Data Mgmt/Analysis

    Marketing & Sales

      • Graphic Design, Telemarketing, Website Design

    Production & Operations


      • Application Development, B2B e-commerce, Contact Mgmt Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Data Warehousing,
      • Database Management, Order Entry Systems, Software Engineering, Systems Integration, Website Development